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General Seating Solutions restaurant booths and restaurant furniture are designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards of the foodservice and hospitality industries.  Please click on this restaurant booth gallery to browse our idea books for great restaurant booth styles. 

The most common question when choosing a restaurant booth or banquette is, "how high should the back be?"  Fortunately, we provide a restaurant booth guide to address this question.  It illustrates the height of the booth relative to your seating position at dining height as well as bar height.  Another common question is, "how many people does a round booth seat?"  Once again, we provide a helpful restaurant banquette guide that illustrates the capacity of half and three quarter circle banquettes. 

 Our product features include:

·           CNC precision cut parts

·         High quality foam on seat and back cushions

·         Glued and stapled joints

·         Water and crack resistant base

·         Tailored, fitted upholstery that will not puddle or wrinkle

·         High quality coiled spring seats (optional)

·         Removable seats for easy repair

·         Standard, tight and extra tight frame specification to fit your space

·         Optional tapered wood legs 4” to 6” high (no additional cost)

·         Heavy duty vinyl fabric (no additional cost)

·         Complete shop drawings (no additional cost)

·         Dining room floor plan (no additional cost)

·         Bar height legs and metal foot rails

·         Counter height legs and metal foot rails

·         Wood top-cap and end panels(optional)

·         Wood apron and base (optional)

·         Solid wood seat or back (optional)

·         Commercial fire rated vinyl (standard)






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